HP 15-ac173TU Notebook (P6M78PA) (Intel Pentium- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm (15.6)- Windows 10) (Black)

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The world is finding out newer ways to stay connected every single day. There are so many devices that are being introduced to the market every day that it is very difficult to keep a track of which features you actually need. The HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook is brought to you by one of the most trusted brands in the world as far as computing devices and accessories are concerned which is HP. This particular notebook is loaded with productive features that not only help you with your work as well as gaming needs but also very smartly manages not to overwhelm you with unnecessary features that you might never have to use but the very presence of which will put extra stress on the battery of your notebook thereby reducing the life of the notebook by a considerable margin. At the heart of the HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook lies a powerful Intel Pentium 3825U Processor which makes sure that your notebook runs as smoothly as possible. Having an Intel processor not only makes sure that operations on your notebook become easy but it also ensures that your notebook functions at a lightning fast speed. Loaded with the latest version of Windows that is Windows 10 Home operating system you not only get a modified version of your favourite operating system you also get a version that is more user friendly than the earlier versions. All these features and more when added with the fact that you get this notebook at the best available price in the market from Snapdeal makes this product a must buy. The 12 months onsite warranty also helps to boost its appeal among people whose life is super busy.

A Notebook for Everyday Use

Be it work or be it play Jack will never feel dull with the help of the HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook. This notebook is loaded with features that ensure that you do not face any kinds of hassle while using this laptop. The operating system that this laptop is loaded with is not only one of the latest around it is also extremely user friendly. The Search bar makes a return with the critically acclaimed Windows 10 Home which is the operating system loaded in this notebook. This notebook also comes with an enviable amount of memory as well as a long battery life which is sure to make life easy as you use this notebook daily.

39.62 cm 15.6 diagonal HD BrightView WLEDbacklit Display

The HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook is equipped with an extraordinary 39.62 cm diagonal HD BrightView WLEDbacklit Display. With such a brilliant display at your disposal you can now watch your favourite movies and shows on your notebook and have your own personal theatre experience. The resolution of the screen is 1366 x 768 pixels. When you have such a great picture resolution playing game automatically becomes more real.


Processors are the heart of a computing device. The HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook has an Intel Pentium 3825U Processor at its helm. Thus the notebook delivers a power packed performance every time you operate it. The dual core processor has a clock speed of 1.9 GHz and cache of 2 MB. All these data should be enough to impress any tech experts.

Operating System OS

HP has been very careful about the operating system of the HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook. It is a wellknown fact that an operating system can make or break the impressions that a user has no matter how great the technicalities of a computing device might be. This is the reason why this notebook comes with the ultramodern yet user friendly Windows 10 Home which not only gives you the latest from the house of Microsoft but also the user friendliness of the earlier versions of Windows.


When we talk about storage in a computing device it usually means two things first the capacity of the internal storage of the device and second the capacity of the internal hard disc of the device. Both the departments are bound to surprise you when you are the proud owner of the HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook. This particular notebook has a RAM of 4 GB PC312800 DDR3L1600 which is capable of a performance of a whooping 12800 Mbps. Even high resolution games run without any lag what so ever thanks to this mammoth RAM the device packs. The notebook also comes equipped with a 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA internal hard disc. Now you can store all your important files as well as your movies and songs without having to buy an external hard disc.


The multimedia experience of the HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook is top notch. With the DTS Studio Sound with 2 speakers you can virtually live your own personal theatre experience through this notebook. The SuperMulti DVD burner allows you to run high definition movies on your notebook. The HP TrueVision HD Webcam frontfacing with integrated digital microphone makes sure that you can video call with your clients or loved ones who might be staying in a remote area without any hassle.


There are loads of connectivity options offered by the HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook. Given that it is one of the main benefits of owning a notebook over more conventional computing devices the connectivity options in this particular notebook does not disappoint at all. The wireless options include 802.11b/g/n 1x1 and Bluetooth 4.0 combo. Thus you can stay connected without having any kind of physical restrictions to your device. In the extension slot you get 1 multiformat SD media card reader. With the help of this you could easily transfer data in multiple formats to and from your phone to your notebook. On the network interface front you get an Integrated 10/100 BASET Ethernet LAN. This makes high speed internet connection a reality.


The HP 15ac173TU P6M78PA 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook is powered by a 4cell 41 WH LiIon removable battery. This battery makes sure that your notebook can stay active for long hours at a stretch. The 65 W EM AC power adapter helps you charge the battery once it gets low. So without further ado get this amazing Notebook brought to you by HP and make life easier for yourself.