Lenovo G50-80 Notebook (80L000HMIN) (4th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm (15.6)- Windows 8.1- 2GB Graphics) (Bla

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Technology often plays a very confusing game. It has the power of overwhelming you with a number of features that you might never need but the presence of which can drain the battery life of your device pretty fast thereby compromising the durability of the device. This is where the Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook stands out. Though it is loaded with features it does not compromise on the hardware of the notebook thereby making it a perfect choice for working professionals as well as students alike. Powered by a powerful processor and a big RAM this notebook runs smoothly and will never leave you hanging because of lags that you might have experienced in other computing device. Moreover when you buy this notebook brought to you by the popular consumer electronics giant Lenovo you get a 12 months Lenovo onsite warranty as well. When you combine all these factors with the fact that you get this product at the best available price in the market from Snapdeal then this notebook is sure to make a place in your must buy list.

A Notebook for Everyday Use

We usually use notebooks laptops and the likes for mainly two purposes. Firstly they are a great assistance in our day to day professional life. Secondly we use them for our personal use like browsing social networking and other entertainment purposes. The Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook serves you amazingly well in both the departments. Equipped with a great webcam user friendly operating system and other integrated features this notebook is absolutely awesome as far as professional requirements are concerned. On the other hand the big RAM high storage space great screen and superb audio features make this notebook ideal for entertainment purposes like gaming and watching movies. When you combine the utility of this notebook for both the purposes this obviously stands out as a device that is perfect for your day to day use.

39.62 cm 15.6 HD TN GL Flat LED Display

The Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook features a 39.62 cm 15.6 HD LED flat display. As a result of this you get a delightful viewing experience. The screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels comes in handy in case you are trying to watch a movie or a show and also when you are trying to display a presentation to your clients in case there is no projector present at the venue. The images are detailed and your viewing experience is optimised. With a screen like this the video games are bound to come to life and the movies are sure to be watched the way the filmmaker intended it to be. The crystal clear picture quality often puts premium devices to shame and makes sure that you make this notebook your preferred viewing device.


Each and every computing device has a processor. A processor is the heart of a computing device. The more powerful the heart is the better the performance of the device is bound to be. The Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook has a super powerful 5th Generation Intel Core i34005U Processor at its helm. With his kind of processor you can be rest assured that your notebook will never betray you no matter what function you demand of it. The clock speed as well as the cache space is extraordinary as a result of which this device is sure to perform to your hearts satisfaction for a long time. The 2 GB DDR3L ATI EXO PRO R5 M330 is sure to impress even hard core gamers. You will be now able play those games in your laptop which you could not play earlier for their high graphics.

Operating System OS

An operating system of a laptop is the one thing that makes it user friendly. The Windows 8.1 OS that runs in the Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook makes sure that the user interface is absolutely smooth. It also makes sure that the installation of different kinds of software is absolutely hassle free.


The storage space of a computing device is mainly divided into two parts. First is the Random Access Memory. The second part is the internal hard disc. The Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook comes with a whooping 4 GB RAM. Now you can play all the high definition games you want and you would not have to worry about you system getting hanged even for a single moment. The notebook also packs a 1 TB internal hard disc which enables you to store all the necessary files you want so that you do not need an external storage device.


The Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook comes loaded with a number of multimedia features. First of all you get a 2 GB ATI EXO PRO R5 M330 DDR3L graphics card which helps you to play games with heavy graphics. Moreover the 720 pixels webcam helps you video chat with ease. The Dolby Advanced Audio V2 makes sure that you get a personalised theatre like experience from the comfort of your home.


Connectivity is probably the reason why newer devices are being introduced to the market every single day. This particular Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook makes no compromise in this department as well. The notebook features Bluetooth 4.0 and Lenovo AC Wireless so that you can stay connected even without wires. Apart from that you get 1 USB 3.0 port 2 USB 2.0 ports 1 Audio Combo Jack headphone and mic 1 HDMIout port and a 2in1 SD / MMC card reader.


The Lenovo G5080 80L000HMIN 39.62 cm 15.6 Notebook is powered by a standard 4cell battery that is removable. It offers up to 4 hours of battery power and stays active. There is also a compatible 45 Watt 3pin AC adapter offered to you along with it.