Intel Mini Compute Stick (STCK1A32WFC) PC Stick (Intel Atom Quad-Core-2 GB RAM-32 GB Storage-Windows 8.1)-(Black) with Microso

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If you are willing to replace your traditional desktop with an upgraded one you can consider buying Intel STCK1A32WFC Mini Compute Stick with Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. With this you can transform any screen into your computer anytime you wish. This high quality compute stick comes with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. Now you can shop online for it at a very reasonable price on Snapdeal.


The processor inside this Intel product is QuadCore Atom Processor Z3735F. The associated frequency is 1.33 GHz. The model number of the product is STCK1A32WFC.

Operating System

Intel STCK1A32WFC Mini Compute Stick comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1 having 32bit architecture. The associated Search Engine default is Bing that makes web browsing effortless.


The storage of this Intel STCK1A32WFC Mini Compute Stick is high enough with 32GB capacity. Now you can store as much valuable information as you want and get ready access whenever needed. The power supply of the machines is through USB port ensuring long life. The RAM is Single Channel 2GB DDR3L offering efficient usage functions.


You can attach this computing stick with all kinds of screens. This includes HDMI tablets smartphones and HDTV among others. Moreover it improves your computing experiences and brings in more flexibility. It even simplifies your work needs as you can carry this stick anywhere.

Connectivity Options

A wide range of connectivity options is available with the product including micro SD 2GB card slot power supply through USB port and v3.0 Micro SDXC slot providing UHC1 support. This is available on the side and allows the user to create interfaces with their existing devices. This means completely effortless and worry free use anywhere any time. Presence of Bluetooth connectivity means that easy navigation with wireless keyboard and mouse. This product also comes with TypeA USB 2.0 host port that is present on the plugging side for use with various USB devices or thumb drives. This is for use with HDMI cable.

Other Important Features

It offers extremely userfriendly plug and play mechanism where you can simply plug the compute stick and start using immediately. One does not require any kind of expertise or special training to get started with this product.