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Background Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an open world action and adventure video game published by Rockstar Games. The second 3D game in the Grand Theft Auto series it is also the sixth original title overall. With much of its inspiration drawn from the 8039s American culture this video game is set in the year 1986 in Vice City fictional city modelled after Miami.Synopsis Feautures Recently out from prison the story revolves around Mafia hitman Tommy Vercetti. When his involvement in a drug deal goes wrong Tommy is out to seek for revenge get justice by booking those responsible. He also works toward building a criminal empire of his own by seizing power from other criminal organisations. Characters featured in Grand Theft Auto Vice City has many appearing only in the cut scenes describing each mission. Voice talent includes Ray Liotta Tommy Vercetti Tom Sizemore Sonny Forelli Robert Davi Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez William Fichtner Ken Rosenberg Danny Dyer Kent Paul Dennis Hopper pornography Director Steve Scott Burt Reynolds Avery Carrington Luis Guzman Ricardo Diaz Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas Lance Vance Danny Trejo Umberto Robina Gary Busey Phil Cassidy Lee Majors Big Mitch Baker Fairuza Balk Mercedes Cortez Jenna Jameson Candy Suxxx voice of the taxi dispatcher Blondie singer Debbie Harry. Notice that the game returns with improved version of engine used in Grand Theft Auto III while also representing a similarly realistic huge cityscape fully populated with buildings vehicles and people. Vice City comes with elements like driving games and thirdperson shooters. It also features an open world gameplay that gives players more control over the game like in other series of the game. The ability to purchase a number of properties which are distributed across the city is also another great addition in the game. While some of these are additional hideouts locations where weapons can be collected and the game saved it also features varieties of businesses called assets which players can buy. In the process of the game various gangs also keep appearing some of which are integral of the story. Gangs represent both positive and negative mode of the player acting according to the player or shooting at him. Game also features realistic shootouts which occur between members of rival gangs while it also has several missions involving organized fights between opposing gangs.USP Game also includes optional sidemissions this gives player the opportunity to make pizza deliveries drive injured people to a hospital with an ambulance extinguish fires with a fire truck deliver passengers in a taxi be a vigilante using a police vehicle to kill criminals and the ability to drive a bus transporting farepaying passengers. Monetary rewards and occasional gameplay advantages eg. increased health and armour capacity and infinite sprinting are awarded for completing different difficulty levels of these activities. Different sums of money are awarded for landing trick jumps in motorcycles or fast cars depending on the number of flips and height achieved.