DMR 3 Kg DMR 30-1208 Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Blue

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Washing clothes by hands can be a hassle and time consuming at the same time. However with the DMR 301208 SemiAutomatic Top Load Washing Machine you can get proper and clean clothes every time. This product is now available on Snapdeal at an affordable price. It has excellent capacity and can handle a large bunch of clothes and similar items at the same time and uniformly cleans the item carefully to make them clean fresh and soft. It comes with top load feature and is easy to use. It has a compact design and can fit in tight spaces. This home appliance has an ergonomic make and delivers powerful performance when it comes to cleaning clothes. This product comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.


This semiautomatic washing machine from DMR has the ability to collect lint in a separate portion in each wash and does not allow the lint to mix with the clothes or lie at the bottom of the tub. There is a separate space to pour detergent along with liquid soap and the washing machine uses it carefully to clean the clothes.

Wash Programs

This DMR 301208 SemiAutomatic Top Load Washing Machine comes with clock wise and anticlockwise washing modes. It uses a single tub to wash and dry the clothes. If something heavy needs to be washed like a quilt a rug or maybe number of heavy jacket one can use the heavy wash setting. It carefully washes the fabric and renders them clean. Similarly if clothes are washed then use the standard or soft wash accordingly.

Design and Body

With white and blue in color and a semi transparent lid that allows you monitor the process the semi automatic washing machine looks extremely classy in all kinds of setting. The inside tub or the drum is made from good quality material and allows free movement of clothes. It comes with 2 Knobs one for wash and spin selector and the other for wash and spin timer. The knobs can perform both the clock wise and anticlockwise washing mode. The outer material is made from fine quality plastic and is very sturdy.

Washing Features

The DMR 301208 SemiAutomatic Top Load Washing Machine has easy to use washing feature. One can control the water level or the spin speed. It takes great care of the clothes and you can be rest assured that they will be handled carefully.

Key Features

This washing machine from DMR is power packed and comes with excellent new features. This single tub semiautomatic top load washing machine is portable in nature and takes up little space on the floor. Its washing capacity is 3Kg with the capacity of the dryer basket being 1.5 Kg. It is most suitable for washing 6 to 7 clothes at a time. Additionally it comes with thermostat which will prevent overheating even when you are using the washing machine for a long time. It is suitable for washing for all type of clothes like jeans saree tshirt bedsheet curtains and more. It features copper motor and has 15 minutes wash time and 56 minutes spin time.

Washing Instructions

This DMR 301208 SemiAutomatic Top Load Washing Machine will give you proper clean clothes if you follow the washing instructions. It is advisable not to overload the washing machine. Ensure that the water level is enough so that the clothes can float in Water. This is because lesser water may damage to clothes and hamper the performance of the machine. Remember to hang the outlet pipe while in use.

Other Important Features

This DMR 301208 SemiAutomatic Top Load Washing Machine washing machine comes with drain pipe and one water inlet pipe. The washing machine measures 40 x 40 x 55 mm in width depth and height respectively and has a capacity of 3 kg. The ergonomic knobs on the front panel allow the user to select the desired settings and mode. The rest of it is conveniently taken care of by this utilitarian washing machine.

Power Requirement

The washing machine from DMR requires 240 watts of power to operate and is very energy efficient way. Therefore you dont have to worry about rising electricity bill.


Maintenance of this washing machine is not a hassle. The parts that are detachable and those that are not can be cleaned with a damp piece of cloth to prevent from accumulation of soap stains. When not in use you can cover it with the washing machine cover so that dust does not accumulate on the surface.