LG 6.5 Kg T7567TEELH Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Middle Free Silver

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Washing clothes is one of the most timeconsuming household chores. To make this process easier and save time you can bring home the LG T7567TEELH fully automatic washing machine. This appliance is large and has a capacity of 6.5 kg. The washing machine is fully automatic and a top load one. It has a stainless steel tub that will last long. It has an AntiBacteria Plastic Filter that maintains the health of the clothes. The Punch 3 Pulsator helps clean clothes thoroughly and the Fuzzy Logic Control enhances the washing performance. It makes doing laundry less strenuous for you. The machine boasts of features like Turbo Soak 3Step Wash Air Dry and Water Fall Circulation among others. Therefore if you are looking for a utilitarian washing machine for your home shop online at Snapdeal for this product at a reasonable price.

Turbo Drum Capacity

The LG T7567TEELH fully automatic washing machine with a top load feature has a drum capacity of 6.5 kg. This is enough to wash a huge pile of clothes at a time and is therefore ideal for large families. The large capacity also helps you wash clothes at one go. The Turbo Drum feature has does not let clothes get tangled while they are being washed with care. The feature also allows the drum to move in the opposite direction of the pulsator resulting in a better wash.

Waterfall Circulation and Jet Spray

The waterfall circulation of LG T7567TEELH fully automatic washing machine enhances the rinsing effect and provides powerful washing currents and a good circulation of water to clean your clothes better. The top load washing machine from LG also has a Jet Spray Technology that gets rid of detergent stains fully while washing. As water is sprayed in full force through a nozzle on to the clothes all stains are rinsed off.

Digital Control Panel

This washing machine from LG has a digital control panel that helps you check on the programmes set for washing clothes.

Punch 3 Pulsator

Removing stains and dirt from your clothes is very difficult but the LG T7567TEELH 6.5 kg washing machine has a Punch3 Pulsator. This feature aids in stain and dirt removal from every crevice of the clothes and ensures a proper wash.

Auto Balance System

The Auto Balance System of the washing machine makes sure that the load is evenly distributed while the clothes are being washed in the rotating drum.

Size and Design

The LG T7567TEELH 6.5 kg washing machine is compact in size and ideal for large as well as mediumsized rooms. The washing machine measures 540 x 540 x 890 mm. It has a transparent window that allows you to keep an eye on your clothes and also a digital display panel.

Other Important Features

The LG washing machine has various other features that make it worth the buy like Turbo Soak Temperature Select Memory Backup Child Lock Air Dry Water Level Selection and many more.