Morphy Richards Cutie 1-Litre 3KW Geyser White

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Indulge a refreshing shower with the Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water heater. With a capacity of 1 litre this water geyser is perfect for small families and tiny cafes. This water heater has a small cute design which occupies very little space and is a multipurpose geyser for kitchen and bathrooms. It comes with a noncorrosive plastic body employing an advanced heating element for enhanced hot water solutions. It is highly suitable for high rise buildings. Plus the cute water geyser also has an inbuilt Three Step Safety Systems with Dual Neon Indication. This superior performing water geyser is offered to you at a very affordable price.


Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water heater is a highly energy efficient unit. With its 1 Litre water capacity this water geyser is suitable for small families small restaurants small beauty parlours and more. This small capacity factor instantly heats up water to reduce your waiting time prior to obtaining hot water.

Incoloy Heating Element

The Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water heater has a special Heating Element that utilises a three step safety system with Dual Neon Indication which is corrosion proof to offer better protection and extended life.

Tank Coating

The high efficiency and utility features of this appliance instantaneously heats up water for you. Its high end functionalities makes the Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water heater a suitable option for any purpose. This featurefilled unit has a robust tank coating which is corrosion proof from hard water thereby enhances the life of the product. Plus a Non Corrosive Engineered Plastic ABS Body further adds to the durability quotient.

Preset Thermal CutOut

The Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water geyser comes with an Over Heat Cut Off to boost temperature control and overheating protection for utmost safety.

Rated Water Pressure

It is built with high 8 pressure withstanding capacity which makes Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water heater is apt for high rises and various pressure pump functions.

Power Consumption

As the Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water heater requires minimal energy. The energyefficiency of the water geyser keeps your monthly electricity bills low.

Heat Retention

The thick insulation of this water geyser offers maximum heat retention. The prevention of heat loss keeps eliminates wait time to obtain hot water as well as saves electricity.

Other Important Features

The superbly compact Morphy Richards Cutie 3KW water geyser is perfect for household as well as commercial requirements. This geyser blends in with every bathroom and kitchen decor. It heats up water in no time.