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Morphy Richards 9Fin OFR9 Oil Filled Radiator

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Gone are the days when you need to step out from the comfort of your room to sit around the fire during severe winters. Introducing the Morphy Richards Oil Filler Radiator that will ensure that your home customizes its temperature to suit your level of comfort during winters. Morphy Richards is a renowned brand name in the market for heating appliances. They not only make temperature control devices but also cooking and other home maintenance products. Therefore making it amongst the most trusted brand in the country. This product in particular is brilliantly designed with 9 S shaped radiator fins with a back cover and a humidifier. The ergonomic design also makes it highly portable with castor wheels carrying handle and easy knob settings to control the level of humidity in the air and warmth in your house. Its futuristic design is also upgraded with the feature of thermostatic control to avoid oxygen burning dryness control and loss of humidity.


One of the most important element of any Morphy Richards product is its design. These products are not only ergonomically designed to ensure easy operation but also are stylish enough to add a level of class to you dcor. The sleep Morphy Richards Oil Filler Radiator has 9 straight fins on the sides of the appliance with a tilt over facility to either provide uniform heat on the room or concentrate on any given space. These are strong robust and durable with its easy to port castor wheel facility. The simplistic design of the Morphy Richards Oil Filler Radiator ensures that controlling this appliance is an easy task with its rolling knob facility for heat and humidity modification.

Heat Control

As Morphy Richards is known for its design this product is equipped with a thermostatic control. Its unique 3 power setting ensures that the temperature in your home is well adjusted to the temperature outdoor. Heat sometimes can cause suffocation and a feeling dryness to avoid this the Morphy Richards Oil Filler Radiator ensures that no oxygen is burnt during this process and there is enough air circulation to give you pure air and easy breathing experience while using this appliance.


One of the biggest concerns with heating devices is the level of safety it provides. This device can efficiently tackle this problem with its unique feature of overheat protection that turns the device off upon reaching a certain degree.

Power Consumption

The Morphy Richards Oil filler Radiator consumes about 2000 Watts.


This product comes with a 1 year warranty.