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Kenstar 15 KGS15G8M-GDE Geyser White-grey

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Kenstar is a very wellknown brand in India for Home Appliances. It provides highquality products. Geysers have become an important appliance for everyday life not just for cold weather conditions. The Kenstar 15 KGS15G8MGDE 15L Geyser gives you hot water within minutes. It has quick heating feature and comes with the multifunctional valve. The geyser has a stylish design and is available in white and grey colour. The weight of the product is 11 kg. It is a geyser with a safety feature. This elegantly designed geyser is now available for sale on Snapdeal at an offer price. It is 100 original product which comes with a brand warranty. It offers 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the tank so theres no need to worry about repairs and maintenance.


This powerful geyser offers the capacity of 15 litres. It is a storage geyser and can store up to 15litre water at a time. This makes it storage capacity great.

Incoloy Heating Element

The Kenstar 15 KGS15G8MGDE 15L Geyser is installed with the metal heating element. Metal heating elements have a long lasting life. The heating element is ISI certified. The geyser has three heat settings.

Tank Coating

This durable geyser comes with a metal body. It offers Blue Sapphire Enamelcoated tank. This prevents the tank from rust and makes the body rust proof or rust free. The geyser has ABS rust proof body.

Preset Thermal CutOut

The Kenstar 15 KGS15G8MGDE 15L Geyser is ISI certified and safe geyser. The geyser possesses thermal cut out feature which means the power is cut off when it reaches a specific level of heat. This prevents the geyser from overheating and makes it safe for use.

Rated Water Pressure

This efficient Geyser has the capability to withstand high water pressure up to 8 bars. This makes it suitable for use in highrise buildings.

Heat Retention

This safe Geyser can retain heat for some time as water can cool down. But the geyser has a quick heating feature to provide you hot water quickly.

Power Consumption

This highquality geyser has maximum power consumption of 2000 watts and operating voltage of 230 volts.

Other Important Features

The Kenstar 15 KGS15G8MGDE 15L Geyser has a 5star rating which means it is designed for low power consumption and it is safe. You can also adjust the temperature with the temperature control knob.